Definition of Done

and Other Tall Tales

Code is Poetry, and this Poetry is Code: In a world where logic's the mode, this book spins poetic tales, both new and old, where verses and binaries beautifully mold.

Faster. Smarter. Better.

"The Definition of Done and other tall tales" isn't just a book.

It's the poetic 'plug-in' you never knew your life's operating system needed!

Why you need this!

  1. Coded Chaos to Poetic Prose:
    Why read binary? Dive into techy-poetic tales instead.
  2. Debugging Life with Poetry:
    Poems as software patches for the soul. Remember "Features", not bugs.
  3. No Experience Needed:
    Python, snake or code? This speaks to every inner geek or Greek.
  4. The Perfect, No-bug Gift:
    No crashes or updates, just a dose of wit. Socks can't compete.
  5. Avoid the '404 Humour Error':
    An emotional ride without buffering. Embrace the feature jokes!
Definition of Done, and Other Tall Tales
Where Bits and Bytes Meet Rhymed Delights.

Join the Code-Poetry Revolution!

Ever wondered if Shakespeare would've been a coder? Probably not, but why leave the fusion fun to hypotheticals? Dive into our poetic maze, merge tech with text, and let's redefine 'code commenting' together. Hit 'compile' on your sense of humor and join us now!

What You'll Unravel: Bytes and Beats of Wisdom

Journey with 'The Definition of Done and other tall tales' and you're in for more than just eloquent verses. This book demystifies the world of programming through poetic lens—teaching patience in debugging and artistry in code. Learn the parallels between crafting a poem and scripting an application, the importance of details, and the joy of completing a project. Beyond the code, you'll uncover life lessons hidden in syntax and semantics, recognising that every problem, in tech or life, can have a poetic solution.

Binary or Bard, We Want Your Starred Review!

Got Poetic Feedback?

Enjoyed the poetic algorithms or found a bug in our verses? From chuckles to critiques, we crave your feedback! Help us debug our stanzas and inspire the next code-poetry patch. Drop a review now and be the rhyme-master of our digital anthology.

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Free the Syntax of our Sonnets!

Curious about coding couplets or algorithmic alliterations? Here's your golden ticket! Dive into our digital anthology with a free poem, straight from 'The Definition of Done and other tall tales'. Experience the unique blend of tech and text, and see why our verses are more captivating than a perfectly executed code. Click, claim, and let the poetic pixels inspire you.

Why This Book Belongs On Your Shelf

(Or In Your Codebase)

In the sprawling world of literature and tech, 'The Definition of Done and other tall tales' stands as a beacon. Merging the elegance of poetry with the logic of programming, this book isn't just words—it's an experience. Discover the art behind algorithms, the stories spun amidst scripts, and see the digital realm through a lens of lyrical wonder. Whether you're a developer seeking inspiration, a poet exploring new realms, or a curious reader thirsty for innovation—this book is your missing semicolon, the stanza in your script.

Who wrote this?

James Studdart, better known as "The Cynical Developer," possesses a flair for software and all things tech. James excels at breaking down intricate subjects into easy-to-grasp concepts, often sprinkling in a bit of wit and humour. If you're on the hunt for a tech-savvy individual who can demystify complex topics in straightforward terms, look no further than James

Definition of Done, and Other Tall Tales

Why Haven't You Got It Yet?

Let's make it simple. Imagine this book as the ultimate plug-in for your brain's OS. Get it on Kindle and carry poetic wisdom in your pocket, or choose the physical copy and give your coffee table the upgrade it desperately needs.
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